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My practice is with clients seeking emotional well-being, a deeper sense of themselves, and an improved ability to cope with the distress that accompanies life's challenges and problems. My approach is shaped by the principle that we all have a basic need to feel safe and to know that we matter. My work is informed and guided by the knowledge that a significant number of people dealing with emotional/mental health problems, and many of those who use alcohol and/or drugs, have experienced some form of childhood or adult abuse, trauma, neglect, invalidation, or chaos.
I am skilled in helping people who struggle with emotional/mental health problems and who may have a co-occurring substance use disorder. Supporting persons through transitions, assisting recovery work and trauma healing, and helping people live meaningful lives despite chronic health conditions and/or substance abuse.
Helping clients from a person-centered perspective that empowers clients to be their best self and live their best life despite life's challenges and adversity.

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